How to Exterminate Flies in the Yard

Hearing a Bzz! sound when you just got out of your house isn’t at all pleasing. Good thing that there are ways to get rid of these annoying little flies. Because it’s known that flies can be annoying with their constant buzz made from their wings and getting into your face saying “hello”, moreover, they can also spread diseases to both humans and animals and that’s just a no. How could you not want to get rid of them?

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Using Chemical Based Products to Rid of Flies in the Yard
Using Natural Ways to Rid of Flies in the Yard
How to Fend Off Flies from occupying the Yard

Using Chemical Based Products to Rid of Flies in the Yard

Getting annoyed with facing the flies in your yard? It’s definitely time to get rid of them if they’re more of a nuisance rather than just something passing by your yard. Here’s a few items that could help you:

  • Sticky Fly Paper. Fly Paper is mixed with chemicals that makes it sticky, you can place these papers on locations where the flies seem to frequent in your yard. Be sure that you can still spot the paper so as to not accidentally step on it. It’s best to leave out the papers when there’s nothing going on in your backyard.
  • Insecticide Spray. If you have a pesticide spray lying around your house, it’s alright to use that and spray it on the group of flies that you’ll see outside of your yard. Since the yard is an open space, the smell of the spray shouldn’t last that long.

There are varieties of both sticky fly papers and insecticide sprays, you’ll just have to choose one over the other. Sometimes another kind works better than the other too.

Using Natural Ways to Rid of Flies in the Yard

Outside of your yard, there are many possibilities and those possibilities include getting flies in your yard. But, don’t worry, possibilities also include “possible” ways to remove the flies in your yard. If you’re up to doing it yourself then check out these ideas below:

  • Cleanliness. Getting rid of flies naturally can be tricky, that’s only if you limit yourself that your preventive steps can’t be done as a get rid step. The most common step is keeping the cleanliness in check. Cleanliness involves making sure to trim out your grass if they’re too high, checking if there are any stocked rain water in the items in your yard and disposing of these water, cleaning up any mess in your yard such as the poop of your pet or some fruit peels.
  • Fly Eating Plants. It’s not so bad to get plants that can get rid of flies in your home and also make your yard look more green than it already is. Preferably, getting a grown fly eating plant such as a venus fly trap would work more rather than starting to plant one yourself, because they’ll need time to grow before you can see them have their fly meals.
  • Fly Repellent Plants. If there are plants that eat up flies, there are also plants that could discourage flies with their scent such as Basil and Mint. Getting these plants around your yard would keep your yard not only fly free but also have a subtle scent of the plants. The scent may vary as the plants are in your yard and therefore has all the wind to pass through it.

Some ideas for getting rid of flies in the yard naturally can also be used in preventing flies from coming into the yard again as there is only one enemy for you and the yard which are pests and for this one, flies.

How to Fend Off Flies from occupying the Yard

In order to prevent the nuisance that the flies are bringing upon you particularly when you’re out in the yard, it’s best to take preventive measures against the flies. In order to do that, these are the steps you can follow:

  • Have any garbage cans in your yard? Take a look of your cans outside, make sure that it’s tightly closed.
  • Don’t let rainwater stock up inside the buckets, containers, or even old tires. Dispose of the rainwater that you see.
  • Have pets in your household? There is pet poop in the backyard? Well, that’ll definitely attract the flies. Any poop in your backyard should be cleaned up, either bury the poop in your backyard, compost it, throw it away making sure that it’s sealed or just carry it to your toilet and flush it down the drain.

Cleaning is always top priority in taking preventive measures when it involves pests, flies are included in the list of “you need to clean if you don’t want them moving around you.” Don’t be lazy or laziness might just bite back at you.

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