Expelling Cockroaches in the Kitchen

It’s a given fact that these cockroaches are seen anywhere and carry bacteria with them. No one would want for cockroach in the kitchen. They should be rid of especially since they can spread bacteria to our ingredients or even cooked food if they lay their legs on it. One of the worst things are definitely cockroaches being inside the kitchen.

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Removing Cockroaches in the Kitchen using Chemicals
Removing Cockroaches in the Kitchen using Natural Methods
How to Fend Off Cockroaches in the Kitchen

Removing Cockroaches in the Kitchen using Chemicals

Dealing with cockroaches isn’t an easy feat, especially if they’re suddenly flying towards you or just about anywhere. Luckily, there are ways that doesn’t involve dealing with them face to face. Here are some effective ways in getting rid of cockroaches in your kitchen:

Glue-based Traps. Also called as Adhesive-based traps. Most traps are mixed in with chemicals to let pests such as cockroaches stick on it, it also has a factor in which it attracts the cockroaches ultimately leading them into getting stuck. These traps should be put in places near a cockroaches possible entrance.

Poisoned Baits. Like other pests, cockroaches are bound to fall into baits and consume these baits into their bodies. By doing this, the cockroach gets poisoned but not immediately, it has the time to return to its nest and leave out feces which are still contaminated. Similar to when ants eat a bait and return to its nest. The same effect is given out to the cockroaches, the baits spread and spread throughout the cockroaches.

A reminder when using traps and baits is that it shouldn’t be carelessly placed, choose spots when they could get to and walk through.

Removing Cockroaches in the Kitchen using Natural Methods

Bye Bye Cockroaches? If you wanna say goodbye to the cockroaches with a confident heart then you’d have to know how to get rid of the unpleasant guests, cockroaches. In order to remove them, we must note that it’s also like preventing them from getting in the kitchen.

  • Seal and Store food. Cockroaches are attracted to food sources and even water, if you don’t want them lurking around and contaminating your personal sources then you shouldn’t let them find it. The main reason as to why they’re in your kitchen is that they find something they could take for themselves and if you don’t want them in your kitchen then better hide your food and clean up the water spills.
  • Bay Leaves. If you want to get rid of the cockroaches without killing them, there are always ways where you can keep them out. One of which is using bay leaves, all you have to do is crush the bay leaves until they’re into a seemingly powder form and sprinkle it onto the area points of cockroaches. The smell of bay leaves are too much for a cockroach to handle.
  • Baking Soda and Sugar. Similar to a method that’s done to the ants, mixing baking soda and sugar can be just the trick to get rid of the cockroaches inside of your kitchen, as long as you place it within the room that is. For this trick, all you need is to mix up baking soda and sugar, the sugar will attract the cockroaches and the baking soda will serve as the poison.

How to Fend Off Cockroaches in the Kitchen

Imagine getting cockroaches in your kitchen when it’s barely been a week since you’ve become cockroach free. Wouldn’t like to imagine that? Neither do we, it’s a good thing that there are ways to prevent cockroaches from getting in your kitchen again because we’d definitely like preventing it rather than saying “Oh! Cockroaches! Not again…” do we?

Here’s how you can prevent cockroaches from getting in the kitchen again:

  • Cover and Seal. Any tiny holes, cracks or gaps in your kitchen? Better seal those parts, it could either be a cockroaches pathway or a possible hiding place for them.
  • Throw out your garbage. You might have a trash can inside your kitchen and that’s understandable, but are you making sure that it’s emptied out? Be sure to empty that trash can out or not only can it be filled with what you’ve thrown away but also nasty little cockroaches.
  • Keep your food stored and sealed. Your kitchen is definitely filled with food, may it be leftover from lunch or a freshly baked mac and spaghetti for dinner. If you aren’t eating any of the food yet or too full to eat another bite, you better store that food into a container or a resealable plastic bag. Don’t let the cockroaches take a bite of your meal now, cockroaches would love to get on your food and that’s a no especially if you don’t want contaminated food.

As they always say, if you don’t want to see them again you have to put up a plan on how to keep them away.

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