How To Get Rid of Ants From Mac Book Keyboard and Laptop Keyboard

If ants are invading your home, then it’s not impossible for them to reach your electronics, may it be your outlets, or even a keyboard. Especially if you’ve been eating in front of your laptop.

In all honesty, ants can be a real problem if they go into spaces you have to give consideration, such as if these spaces where handled incorrectly and end up damaged. One of these so called spaces could be your laptop’s keyboard, may it be a mac book or not, as long as it has a keyboard and it’s in your home, we can well say that you’ll have some trouble.

One might think that the only solution to get rid of those ants from your keyboard is to get customer service, tell them to open it up since you still have your warranty and ask them to remove it for you. Well, we can’t say that’s wrong but there are also ways you yourself can try.

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Ants in a mac book isn’t really a new thing, actually, there have been some cases that people experienced having there apple laptops crawling with ants. There are instances where those having trouble with ants did not actually eat or drink anywhere their mac book, they simply just left it on their table while they slept or do some errands. Some say that the materials used in creating the gadget is the reason as to why their mac book is crawling with ants. But do not be rattled by this occurrence, it’s not impossible to remove those ants from your mac book but there is a precaution you should take if you plan to remove the ants from your keyboard. It’s that, your mac book probably isn’t waterproof and it’s best not to get it wet.

Now there are multiple ways as to how you can deal with the ants in your mac book keyboard and let’s just say, this tips and tricks might sound familiar from the how to get rid of ants from mac book and laptop. Keyboard is a part of a mac book and we can pretty much guess that the techniques don’t differ that much.

To get rid of the ants, you can create a chemical based bait. Ants still need to forage for their food and they probably won’t stay there for the whole time. It’s better to prepare for the time that they’re about to move away from your laptop to get some refreshment of theirs. To create a chemical based bait, all you need is borax and any sweet substance that you could possible mix with borax and attract the ants at the same time. By mixing the two ingredients, create a consistency that is somewhat like a syrup or maybe honey. Once you’ve created your bait, place it near your mac book and wait for them to eat your bait.

Want to use insecticide powder? Well, you can use that of course. It’s either you sprinkle it around your mac book and wait for the ants to get out of its keyboard and make its way to your dust of death. Or, another way is since the keyboard has tiny spaces where things can either go in or go out, get any kind of paper as long as your mac book can fit in it when it’s opened. Put a generous amount of the powder on the paper and place your mac book on top of it, make sure that the keyboard is facing downwards so as to somewhat get the ants out.

These are just some ways that you could use, if it still doesn’t work, maybe it’s a sign for you to call an ant exterminator or even a pest control.


It can be a little tricky to use chemicals to get rid of ants if you’re in a home we’re you have a pet or people living with you. Especially if the bait can actually prove to be toxic if ingested, most of the times, we aren’t there to watch every single move of those who live with us. For that reason, we try to look into alternatives such as doing things naturally. By doing things naturally, we can be in peace a little bit more as we’re sure nothing would happen even if we were to do it as we can control how things go.

Ants cannot tolerate the intense heat, they would probably get out of your keyboard for that reason. You can either do this in two ways, one is to use the natural light of the sun. By resting your laptop on a surface where it gets hit by the sun directly, then you can wait for the ants to get out as it gets hot enough or come back after a few minutes but if you aren’t to keen on this idea there is always the second choice. Second choices aren’t all that bad when you learn what they are, mac books naturally heat up if you use them for too long and have tons of software open. You can do your usual routine in your mac book or even add some spice in it like playing games you haven’t played before, this can heat up your mac book and therefore make the ants crawl away.

One of the most old school tricks to clean up a keyboard is by flipping it upside down and tapping it lightly, crumbs or dirt would fall by then and if you try doing that with your mac book, you might just tap out some of those ants.


A normal laptop keyboard and a mac book keyboard doesn’t differ that much if we’re talking about their features. Maybe a little bit of Ctrl turning to Command but not anything drastic, the way they function is the same, you can put things onto your computer such as words if you use a keyboard although we must admit that even if it functions the same, the keys might be a little bit different. This isn’t the point though, the point is that your laptop keyboard has ants in them and you should definitely find a way to get rid of them. Can’t have those ants freeloading inside your laptop and in turn making it malfunction can we?

To remove the ants from the laptop keyboard, we’ll be using the same tricks as we did with the mac book’s keyboard. For you to do that, you’ll need some chemical called borax and of course, an ants favorite meal, a sweet substance. Mix the borax and the sweet substance until it reaches a syrupy consistency. This creation will be your bait for those ants, those ants inside will get out at one point when it’s time for them to forage for their food so it’s definitely better if you leave the bait near your laptop and watch the bait work its magic during their walk or after you’ve woken up. There should be some dead ants around if you’ll wait till the next morning or even after a few hours.

Sometimes, we don’t really want to use a bait as this could also bait our loved ones, making them accidentally have a taste or worst swallow the substance. To avoid that, we could use another chemical, the dust kind. Using an insecticide dust can be a little bit messier but it sure wouldn’t be mistaken by your child as food, scatter the dust around your laptop but not on top of it as the dust could also cause problems if it reaches the inside components of your keyboard and laptop so just do it around the laptop. This dust can serve as the killing point of these ants.

If you aren’t so convinced it’ll work so easily like that, you could try another method but still using the same item, insecticide dust. We all know we can turn over our laptops, when we do it, we can say that sometimes there are usually bits of random crumbs in there. Find a newspaper big enough to cater an open laptop then once you’ve got one, place the laptop on top of it and make sure that the screen and keyboard is face downwards, and their shape might look like a roof’s house with its triangle. Sprinkle the insecticide dust on the paper and this will help kill out the ants.


If you thought that having to remove ants differ from each and every kind of keyboard, well think again. Having to get rid of ants from your laptop keyboard isn’t really that far off from removing ants in a mac book keyboard.  After all, both of this gadgets have a keyboard. There are some pretty easy steps you can follow in removing ants from your laptop keyboard, you might just need more patience than you usually do though.

First is the unthinkable method, the method that you never thought would be used up until now. That of course, is an exaggeration. This one is pretty simple, all you have to do is flip your laptop upside down, some laptops can be heavier than the others so you might want to rest it on a surface while still holding onto it, just for the extra safety that it won’t fall and cost more damage had you just took it to a customer service.

It’s also nice to treat our laptops like little sunflowers at time, you know, seeing as they could need some sun. Not exactly to grow taller but to make the ants walk away from your laptop’s keyboard. Ants cannot tolerate extreme heat, most of us don’t either, it’s only normal that if we let our laptop rest on a surface with the sunlight directed to it, it’ll heat up and the ants would then get out of your keyboard while maybe running around a little bit to energetically.

This one has a second option to choose from it, it’s to use your laptop and do whatever you want with it from playing games, to watching videos, doing work, opening multiple tabs because you’re searching on the internet for some details on your favorite recipes or maybe celebrities. Well, that’s alright, in fact that would be a great opportunity for the ants to get out as it’ll heat your laptop up and again, ants can’t exactly tolerate too much heat and they’ll get out.


Don’t wanna face ants in your mac book or laptop keyboard again? Then be sure to take preventive measures as to how you can stop these ants from getting into your keyboard again. Most of the times, let’s remember that the cause for ants are food because food especially the sweet ones are what attracts the ants most of the time, although in some cases ant species are more attracted to something else but aren’t immune to the act of foraging for food.

Nowadays, it’s pretty normal to eat in front of your mac book or laptop. That is, if you haven’t eaten on top of it. There are also instances that we may or may have not accidentally bumped to the glass of juice beside us and letting it splatter around the sides of our mac books and laptops. If that’s the case, one should first start by cleaning up the table you usually place your mac book slash laptop on. One should make it as clean as he possibly could, you can use a damp cloth or maybe some wipes and make sure that there aren’t any left over crumbs below the table as this could still cause the ants to come back up to your laptop.

Grease might have also been left on your laptop, be sure that there are no residues on your laptop. Clean it with a damp cloth or a wet wipe, don’t just wipe it with a dry tissue as even if you could remove the freshly fallen chocolate on your laptop, the residue would still remain and it would keep you wondering as to why they’re something sticky on your laptop now.

When it comes to preventing ants, it’s definitely better to always keep clean and do any preventive measure you can do to stop the ants from coming back not just on your keyboard but also to your home.

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