Keeping Raccoons away from Garbage Cans

People only usually throw garbage out and it’s done but raccoons sometimes can make their in your trash. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep them away.

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Where you place your garbage can is actually essential if you wouldn’t want a raccoon going through it. Picking a more suitable locations gives more chances of a raccoon encountering the garbage can.

  • Placing the garbage can within your home. A raccoon cannot mess with the trash inside your garbage can if they can’t find it, placing it within your home such as a closed garage could work for you. Any enclosed spaces would also work.
  • Placing the garbage can near lights. Raccoons do not like the lights that is why they usually appear during the night. If the garbage cans are placed near lights then this will discourage them from moving forward onto it. If you wouldn’t like having the lights turned on all night long then you can choose to have motion detecting lights and when a raccoon comes it’ll frighten them off.
  • Placing a radio near your garbage can. If you have a radio then this could work for you, hearing noises such as human voices or a recording of dog barking would scare them off. You could increase or decrease the volume depending on how persistent the raccoons are.


Garbage Cans usually have lids on them, but sometimes even that isn’t enough to stop an intelligent fiend such as a raccoon. Putting a lid on top of the garbage can isn’t the only way you can keep it sealed, in fact there are ways to strengthen the security for your garbage can.

  • Keep the lid on. Although keeping the lid on isn’t the only way to keep your garbage can sealed, you’ll always have to keep the lid on because if you’re going to keep your garbage can even more secured, this would always be the first step.
  • Seal the Trash. The trash you put in your garbage can may be in a disarray, it would be better to tie them up before putting them in the garbage can. Not only that but since it’s sealed up, the scent would be blocked from coming out and attracting raccoons.
  • Using Locks. If your lid does not have a lock of its own, you can attach padlocks and chains on it. There are different padlocks and chains that you could use and choosing one is a key to keeping raccoons out. If you do have a lid with a lock of its own, it’s also alright to still attach padlocks and chains, it’ll keep the lid on the garbage can more secured.
  • Rubber Bungee Cord. In using a rubber bungee cord on your garbage can, you’ll have to stretch it starting from the handle to the top of the lid then to the other handle. By doing this, you can keep your garbage can secure. Alternatively, you can also do it by tying down each of the handle with the cord.
  • Tying the Garbage Can. Before getting inside of a garbage can, raccoons typically pushes it down for the lids and contents to get off. Tying the garbage can to a metal pole or a wooden frame would help the garbage scan stay up right as long as it is heavy enough to handle a garbage can.
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