How to Remove Ants from Mobile Phone and iPhone

Suddenly seeing an ant on your phone while you’re using it? Well, it might be there to deliver a message for you. Particularly saying, “you should be alert”. With ants on your phone, that’s definitely not a good sign. The cause of ants in your mobile phone, whether it may be an iPhone as ants can just about pick any kind of phone they want, is probably the food residue, and by food residue we mean the sticky substances you leave after eating your favorite Cheetos.

One thing that you can’t ever disassociate when you have ants crawling in your house or even your mobile phone is your cleanliness maintenance. If you’re the type to just use your phone without even wiping your hands after eating then, we can all guess why there are ants up there. Ants are known foragers for food, especially if it’s sweet and we all like some chocolate now and then right?

Wanting to remove the ants from your phones can be done by you, yourself, and again you. Ants can’t tolerate a too cold or too hot of a temperature, before doing anything, it’s best to make sure that there aren’t any ants left on your phone. Place it in a cold place such as in an air conditioned room or use your phone like you normally do until it heats up. Note that, it’s not advisable to always let your phone heat up.

Now that the ants have left your phone, all it takes is getting some clean wipes or a slightly damp cloth. Make sure that the residue can be removed with whatever wipe you use. Wipe it across your phones and it should remove the food substances that the ants are so attracted to.

This will then make them disinterested with your phone as they no longer can find anything to forage in it. Keeping your phones clean with items you can use on your phone can help rid of the ants, just pick those items that are sure to not damage your phones and just really remove the remainder of the substances left on your phone. You really don’t have to throw your phone in a bucket of water to clean it up.

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