It’s still winter time and one might think that during the winter there aren’t any rodents in your home but truth is, you might need to be more alert.

We aren’t immune to the cold and rodents aren’t either. They tend to look for a cozy warm place, with all the cold that’s going outside they’ll need to seek for shelter to keep warm. If they find the best spot to be your house, you might just be greeted by one the morning you wake up.

Rodents are treated as pests because they can contaminate food that they lay their hands on but these rodents also carry bacteria and viruses which is definitely bad for people’s health. Possible diseases could be leptospirosis, salmonella, and Hantaviruses. Rodents may even cause damage to your home if they start to have interest in chewing objects such as wiring.

It’s difficult to keep rodents out but it’s better than figuring out a way to get rid of them while they’re in your house. Check out these ways that you can use to keep your house free from rodents:

Rodents are not as big as people, they can fit into places that we can’t. Check any cracks or holes in your home, from the outside to even where the pipes come through.

Put a screen on places like the chimney or any possible openings that can’t be closed but is still a possible way for the rodents.

Keep your home clean. Clean out your home especially containers which has garbage in them.

Seal the garbage you’ll throw out. It’s better to seal the garbage you’re about to throw out near your house, it might be the outside but if they get attracted to that food source, they’ll soon be coming inside.

Eliminate any possible food sources. A cozy place which has food would be the best option a rodent could have, don’t let them have any of these. Food that are unfinished or not yet eaten can be put in a container and stored away, clean the fallen crumbs left on your table, and remove the fallen fruits in your yard.

Have a pet? Your pet’s food can also become a food source for those rodents. Put them away if your pets aren’t eating it and seal the container for their food well.

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