Winter Season continues, you might have rodent proofed your home but have you done the same for your car?

Rodents look for a shelter that they can find, a place where they can find warmth, be dry, have sources of food and water, and even a place to nest and breed. A Car can definitely have the ideal needs of a rodent, usually around the surrounding area of the car and the car itself.

Having rodents around the car is not a good thing, not only can it cause possibility of your house having rats when you haven’t rat proofed it or even if you did, you accidentally forgot to seal a spot but it would also case damage to your car first.

A car damage could range from a small price to pay or even bigger, the multiple times you end up having because of different damages in your car for repairs would be devastating. A damage could go from your wiring getting chewed, your car not starting, and more. Any of this situation isn’t really a good thing, if it comes to the worst it might even cost you your life.

Always pay attention to the hood of your car, if there are any damage at least you know of them before you go and drive your car. Keep the garage clean, by keeping the garage clean you cut possible sources of food for the rodent, and if it’s something you cannot control, contact a professional to help you with your problem.

Here’s the catch, you can’t get rid of each rodent in your neighborhood but you can cut the possibility of having a rodent visit your car and your home.

Some ways that include ways to cut these rodents are setting snap traps or if that’s too much, or having a trap cage to catch the rodents so you can set them free far away from your place as soon as you see them in that cage.

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