Cockroaches don’t mix well with extremely cold or hot temperatures but if it’s cold outside then they can look for warmth inside your home.

When winter comes, everyone tends to stay at home and get warm and at times where no one is aware, the cockroach comes. Cockroach seem to decrease in the winter but the truth is they might be hiding or even hibernating around your house keeping warm and waiting for the summer. They’ll continue to rise in number during the winter and might even cause the problem everyone dreads, an infestation.

Cockroach Infestations in the winter can be prevented. By preventing infestations in the winter, you can also avoid dealing with multiple cockroaches as the weather warms and they start to come out.

Cockroaches are small pests, they can get into your home through cracks and crevices. Seal any crack you see in your home using caulk, make sure that you seal even the smallest of spaces as any sort of hole could become a path for these cockroaches.

A golden rule to all things involving pest is maintaining cleanliness. By maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in your home, it helps discourage the cockroaches from finding sources of food and water. Cleaning your home involves different aspects, here are some to guide you:

Throw the food scraps from the dirty dishes in its correct trash bin and make sure that there weren’t any spillage while you were throwing the scraps.

Dirty Dishes should immediately be washed, try not to leave it on the sink for too long.

Store your food in sealed containers, if you can’t put them in the refrigerator then store them in a plastic or glass container with tight lids, make sure that the shelves you put them in are clean.

The kitchen is the home of both food, utensils and equipment for cooking and eating. If you own a microwave, oven, chopping board, or any kind of equipment for cooking. Clean those items often as cockroaches could either hide inside of them or walk around it.

After cooking or after eating the meals prepared, clean the surfaces that were used immediately before cockroaches find a stray source such as crumbs that will serve as their food source.

Your garbage can contain food scraps which are still pretty fresh, just not fresh enough for eating. Throw out the contents of your cans and litter bins outside daily.
Besides your own food, you also have your pets’ food if you do have one. Don’t leave your pets food out during the night if you can, cockroaches can especially be active at this time.

Do not immediately put food on your pets bowl the next day, try to wash their bowl after the last use daily to remove a food source for the cockroaches.

Keep the floor clean. Use a vacuum or sweep your floor to keep it free from stray crumbs or fallen food that aren’t easily noticed.

Always make sure that your house is prepared and free from cockroaches no matter what the season may be. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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