Get Rid of Cockroaches in Cars

Imagine if a brown flying insect flew into you while you were driving. That would be one of the worst case scenarios you could think of, it could definitely lead to an accident. Don’t waste time by imagining, if you see a real cockroach in your car, it’s best to know how you can get rid of cockroaches in cars so you can get them off before you take a drive.

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How to Remove Cockroaches from your Car With Chemicals
How to Remove Cockroaches from your Car Naturally
How to Prevent Cockroaches from Getting in your Car Again

How to Remove Cockroaches from your Car With Chemicals

Removing cockroaches can be a pain, especially if they’re in your car but there are ways you could get rid of them without having to give out your full attention 24/7. Here are some item types that you may be able to use.

Glue traps. Sticky Sticky Glue Traps, Cockroaches would probably walk around the inside of your car, by placing the glue traps at the right places you might just come back with cockroaches on them the next day or maybe even the next hour. Be sure that you remove the traps before you use your car, anyone that could get in might step on your traps and if there are any cockroaches on them. It won’t that be pretty of a view.

Cockroach Baits. You’ve heard of baits, ant bait, fish bait, and all the other baits. Let’s not leave the cockroaches and remember that there are also baits for these pests. With the use of cockroach baits, you can lure them to their death. We do have to say that the cleaning part is all up to you. Maybe get a glove, a vacuum, or a broom and dust pan.

Mothballs. The scent of mothballs are something that most pests dislike and roaches aren’t excluded from this list of pests. You can place mothballs in your car by putting them in a container with holes in it, may it be plastic or boxes. Due to it’s very strong smell, you also need to take precaution to those who enter your car as well as you. Be sure that no one will accidentally intake the balls and remove them if the smell is too strong. Don’t use your car if the scent of the mothballs are still permeating in the insides of your car.

A tip for these traps and baits is that you should use them at night or leave them out overnight, you can still use them at day time but a fun fact is that these cockroaches are actually nocturnal and tend to go out during night time.

How to Remove Cockroaches from your Car Naturally

It’s not wrong to go by the book. One of the most important things whether it may be inside of your house, on your lawn or in your car you have to do one very obvious thing. That is to keep cleanliness in check.

Like other pests, cockroaches are fond of food. In order to remove cockroaches, it’s a key factor to get rid of their food sources in the car. Here are some ways you can do so:

  • To be certain that you aren’t missing any spots inside of your car, remove your car’s carpets before vacuuming. Vacuum also your car seats.
  • Get rid of any unnecessary items in your car. Don’t store items in your car if you don’t need to use them, this could become hiding spots for cockroaches.
  • Throw out the garbage. You may have accumulated garbage on your car from getting take out meals and finishing them inside of your car or it may result to the cockroaches feeding on your take out box.

The best way to remove any pest is always to keep your cleanliness in check, if your maintenance on cleanliness is low then don’t wonder as to why you have cockroaches in your car.

How to Prevent Cockroaches from Getting in your Car Again

Being able to get rid of cockroaches from your car is a good feat, but it isn’t a really good one if they immediately comeback. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble you went just to get rid of these pesky roaches then you’ll need a way to prevent them from coming back.

Don’t worry! We’ll help you prevent the cockroaches from coming back with these simple tips:

  • Vacuuming. Food crumbs may have fallen from people or you eating crackers, bread, and the like in your car. To make sure that you get every speck of that, it’s best to remove the carpet of your car before doing any vacuuming. Once you’ve remove it. You can proceed to vacuuming. This’ll help get rid of any possible food sources for the cockroaches.
  • Declutter. Cockroaches like other pests tend to hide in places where there are spaces which seem to be a piled but nonetheless, still a mess. Declutter your items and fix what you need to fix, take out what you need to take out.
  • Throwing out the Garbage. Got a tiny trash bin inside your car? Get rid of its contents as well as wash the bin to get rid of any residue left behind by your garbage. Garbage can both be a hiding place of cockroaches and an attraction to them in case you left any boxes that has hints of food.
  • No food inside the Car. Don’t get any food inside your car, that’s one of the main reasons why there could be any leftover of your spaghetti or even greases from your fries on the steering wheel. If you can’t avoid eating or having food inside your car that you’ll maybe eat in your home then make sure to clean up where you placed it.
  • Wiping with Dish Soap. Any leftover grease or spill in your car can be an attraction for cockroaches, take them off by using a cloth or maybe a wipe with a dish soap. Using a dish soap can also help prevent the cockroaches from getting close to your car too much as it’s smell is not something they’re fond of. In addition to this, you should wipe your car’s windows with it.
  • Parking Areas. Avoid parking in places where there are bodies of water or near a garbage bin, you might not know what’s lurking around these places and there could be cockroaches that get in your car once you’ve opened it near these spots.

Note that, cleanliness is always priority if you’re dealing with any pest and if you want to prevent them just always keep your surroundings clean.

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