Removing Mosquitoes in Vehicles

Mosquitoes can be just about anywhere and your vehicle is no exception at all. They can be pretty annoying and it’d be best to find a way to get rid of them. Luckily, we have just that. Remember, if you’re dealing with mosquitoes, you’ll either notice them through their sounds, their bites, or even maybe both. If it’s the sound then Bzz. Bzz. Bzz. Is likely what you’ll hear if mosquitoes are going up and about around your ear. Bites are pretty obvious as not only are they itchy but they’re in a shade of pink to red.

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How to Terminate Mosquitoes in Vehicles with Chemicals
Natural Methods in Terminating Mosquitoes in Vehicles
Preventing Mosquitoes from getting in the Vehicle

How to Terminate Mosquitoes in Vehicles with Chemicals

In finding ways to removing insects such as mosquitoes in your vehicle, the first thing you might think of are repellents. Repellents actually not only gets rid of pests, it also rids of insects such as mosquitoes.

Spray on Repellent. There are plenty of repellents you can use for getting rid of insects and some of them are spray-on. It’s pretty much easy to use but do not forget to check on the instructions and health reminders. If you spray inside your vehicle, don’t stay in the vehicle. What you can do is get out of the vehicle and close it, make sure that there are no openings from the doors of your vehicle to it’s window. Leave it and you can let out the scent after a few minutes.

Mosquito Traps. Some mosquito traps can either attract mosquitoes and kill them or spread out an odor which both discourages and gets rid of them. You can find these traps online or on the market. There are those which you can place inside of your vehicle and let them stick into it, or portable traps where they themselves become lured into.

A way to remove mosquitoes from your vehicle is always a way, don’t hesitate to try out different methods in getting rid of the mosquitoes in your vehicle. This could help you not only in the long-run but you’ll know what to do in case you get anymore ants inside of your vehicle.

Natural Methods in Terminating Mosquitoes in Vehicles

A natural way to remove mosquitoes from your vehicle? Well, there is actually a known method to this. You might think that it’s the cleaning both the inside of the vehicle and its surrounding area, and closing the vehicle windows. Albeit right, there is a way where you can actually use an item.

Citronella Method. Citronella is actually an oil that is not only used for soaps and perfume manufacturing but is also used to create insect repellents. If you use the citronella method, you may simply buy a repellent spray or a vehicle’s air freshener with the scent of Citronella. By doing that, the mosquitoes will be discouraged from getting close to your vehicle.

D-I-Y Garlic Spray. Garlic has also a pungent smell to it which mosquitoes dislike. You can create a do-it-yourself garlic spray by crushing garlic and boiling it with water. Cool it off enough just for you to put it into a spray bottle and then use the spray on areas where the mosquitoes could be nesting in or places where the mosquitoes could enter.

Basil Plant. You might think, why in the world is there a basil plant when you’re looking for ways of removing mosquitoes. In retrospect, like ants, mosquitoes dislikes specific kinds of odor and basil releases the odor which the mosquitoes dislike. You can display a small basil plant inside of your vehicle to discourage mosquitoes.

These are just some ways in which you can get rid of the mosquitoes in your vehicle but it’s also a given fact that removing mosquitoes also involves the maintenance of your vehicle’s cleanliness.

Preventing Mosquitoes from getting in the Vehicle

Mosquitoes are gone, they won’t be gone for good though. Like mentioned, they can just be about anywhere and that’s a given fact but there are ways to prevent mosquitoes from getting into your vehicle time and time again.

In order to do that, you’ll have to follow these simple tips:

  • Close your vehicle windows. Do not let your vehicle windows stay open for a long period of time, this could become a way for the mosquitoes to get in.
  • Do not park places that are near bodies of water or trees. Mosquitoes could have their nests in these places especially dirty water, don’t let your vehicle get close to these spots and find a better parking location instead.
  • Clean your vehicle. One thing that’ll never be excluded when getting rid of pests or insects inside of your vehicle is that you have to clean your vehicle. Don’t let food crumbs or pieces of trash be bundled up in your vehicle and most definitely do not let open water stay inside your vehicle. If you’ve got a cup that’s been sitting inside your vehicle’s cup holder for a few days, you’d better get rid of that immediately.
  • Regular use of your vehicle. It’s not advisable to let your vehicle become immobilized in your parking spot or garage. Use your vehicle as if it’s not used, it’s an attractive spot for insects and pests to live in.

Always put into mind that some mosquitoes can cause more harm than the others such as Dengue, to avoid that altogether. It’s best to take preventive measures of mosquitoes getting in the vehicle.

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