How to Get Rid of Pigeons

Watching pigeons may be alright but their droppings aren’t healthy and welcomed in your home. Here are some ways you can get rid of pigeons and keep them away.

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Preventing Pigeons from getting inside the House
Keeping Pigeons Away from the Roof

Preventing Pigeons from getting inside the House

Pigeons could come into small or even large numbers. The main priority when you have those pigeons is to get rid of them but you wouldn’t want them going inside your house as you do so. That is why you’ll need to prevent pigeons getting inside of the house before getting rid of them.
In order to avoid pigeons from getting in your house, openings such small gaps around places like the attic. Seal and fill those gaps to avoid pigeons from getting any entrance to your home. When you start to get rid of the pigeons, keep your doors and windows closed to avoid getting a stray one inside.

Keeping Pigeons Away from the Roof

The roof could become a nesting place for pigeons. By keeping pigeons away from the roof, you are able to get rid of them. In order to do that, you can do the following ideas:

  • Cover the Chimney. If your house has a chimney, it’s best to put on a cap on the chimney. You can use stainless steel mesh caps, it’ll still allow the smoke to flow out but prevents the pigeons or any animal to come entering through it. It can be done by your own or if you’re unfamiliar with the task, you can hire an expert.
  • Mesh before the Nest. By covering places in your roof with a mesh, it’ll prevent the pigeons from creating nests on the covered areas. It will also remove possible entrance ways for the pigeon. You can also place the mesh on places such as under the air conditioner unit of your home where they may also nest and lay eggs.
  • Using Spikes. No one would like pointy things poking at them and pigeons are included. You can using bird repellent spikes. It’s best to place the spikes on spots where the pigeons are likely to settle on. Installing the spikes can be done by your own by reading the instruction that comes with the spikes.
  • Using Reflective Items. By using reflective items such as a reflective, foil based item, CD’s, or any item that when hit by the sunlight temporary blinds ones vision and in this case a pigeon. This can be places on top of your roof or other spots like trees on your yard or on the yard itself.
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