How to Get Rid of Lice in Vehicles

Lice are parasites that are found in hair. But the truth is, not only can they be found in hair but they can also stick to other materials like a vehicles headrest. If everyone that’s riding your vehicle experiences hair itches then you might have lice in your vehicle. But if you can remove lice in your hair then you can definitely remove it from your vehicle.

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Removing Lice from your vehicle With Chemicals
Removing Lice from your vehicle Naturally
Preventing Lice from Getting in your vehicle Again

Removing Lice from your Vehicle With Chemicals

Lice in your vehicle isn’t a good thing, it probably started off with someone or maybe your hair lice falling in your vehicle. It’s best to remove hair lice first if it’s coming from you, you can use shampoos that are designed to remove lice.

As for removing lice from your vehicle, these lice won’t survive without a host,which is usually a human’s hair. At max, they only live up to 24 hours. That might be true but their is still an item you can use to get rid of them and even prevent them.

By using Lice Spray, just spray the insides of your vehicle. Preferably the problematic areas where you think someone might have leaned on to close and got their lice on it. It’s not that you’re being judgmental, you’re just watching out for other possible passengers in your vehicle as well as yourself because having lice can be pretty stressing. There are plenty of available sprays for lice that you can get locally or online. A thorough cleaning of your vehicle as well as the items in it is an important factor in removing lice, using a spray that’s best to use against lice will increase your chances of ridding them and getting them again.

Removing Lice from your Vehicle Naturally

It’s easy for lice to die especially if in they are in your vehicle. As mentioned earlier, Lice without a host can die within 24 hours, that’s one of the most natural way to rid of lice but you still have to remove them off your vehicle seats or the pillows inside your vehicle.

  • It’s actually a myth that Lice die from water, they die from heat. In case there are still some lice which are still alive in your pillows, cleaning them up well with hot water in your wash or even getting them in a dryer is a great way not only to get rid of them but also make sure that they’re dead.
  • Vacuum your vehicle seats, this’ll remove the remaining lice in your vehicle. Moreover by using a vacuum, you can also clean up the dirt that’s in your vehicle. I could say it’s a 2 in 1 deal if you ask me.
  • Don’t have the time to get those pillows in a dryer or wash them up with hot water? Can’t really wet your seats with hot water? You can use a Lint roller to gather those lice up and about, with a lint roller you can get rid of them all in one item and just clean up the lint roller instead of all the multiple pillows or getting your vehicle seats wet.

Preventing Lice from Getting in your Vehicle Again

It isn’t easy to get rid of lice and if you don’t want to go back from step 1 in having them in your vehicle well it’s time for what should’ve been done all along. Preventing the Lice from the beginning. In order to prevent lice from getting in your vehicle again, you should first start to prevent with yourself.

  • Do not share items. Using other’s hair comb or letting others use yours isn’t that great, it may be nice to share but you might also end up sharing lice and that’s a no in our book. Items could also include wigs, hats, and the like. Lice in general dislike the smell of mint, if you have that and cannot avoid sharing items then just pray it on the hair.
  • Vacuum your vehicle. It’s best safe to be clean especially if there are lice lurking around. Some stray lice may have fallen of the hair from one of your passengers, you can get rid of these lice by vacuuming your vehicle regularly.
  • Lint Rollers. Besides vacuuming, you can also use lint rollers in your vehicle, this will catch stray lice on your vehicle especially if your vehicle has mini pillows. Use the lint rollers on them.

The golden rule of preventing any pest such as lice from getting in your vehicle and possibly infesting it is always to maintain cleanliness and if there’s any sign from the beginning, immediately cater to it.

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