How to Get Rid of Skunks Odor

Sometimes, it can be too late to see what’s coming for you, like, a skunk spraying on you or your dog. Luckily, you won’t have the live with the odor forever.

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Skunk Odor vs. Person
Skunk Odor vs. Dog
Skunk Odor vs. Clothing

Skunk Odor vs. Person

If you have an unlucky encounter with a skunk or maybe someone from your home, either way no one would want to be smell a skunk’s odor especially not if you got it on you. Your friend in getting rid of the skunk’s odor would be a mix of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and any liquid detergent.

In creating the mix, you’ll need either one cup of baking soda, a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and a quart of liquid detergent. Mix it all together and use it during your bath, if your hair is affected than you are free to use the solution on it but do not let it stay on your hair for an extended amount of time unless you want to have an unplanned bleaching.

A note that if you have any leftovers of the solution that you do not need, it’s best to get it enough to go down the drain as it won’t stay put in a container, likely to explode and make another mess that you’d have to clean up.

Skunk Odor vs. Dog

If it’s your pet that got some skunk odor problem, in this case a dog then there are different ways you can get rid of the stench that is on its fur.

Vanilla definitely has that kind of smell that would make you go soft, not only your sense of smell but also the skunk’s odor on your dog. To do this, you’d need a cup of vanilla extract mixed into a gallon of water and mix it to get your solution. This is only the first step, you will bathe your dog with the vanilla based solution for at least 10 minutes and then apply a dog shampoo for that extra help and do not forget to rinse your dog extra thoroughly after that cleansing bath.

If you seem to have apple cider vinegar at your home then you can use these items to create a solution instead. You’ll need a portion of apple cider vinegar and 2 portions of water. Wash your dog with the solution and let it only sit for around 5 minutes and make sure to avoid your dog’s eyes as we wouldn’t to sting your best dog, rinse thoroughly after the bathe.

Lastly, a solution that you could have made for yourself or still used for yourself but in this time in a smaller proportion except for the liquid detergent. The liquid detergent would still need to be a teaspoon, the hydrogen peroxide needs only a quart, and only a fourth of a baking soda cup. But try to use this method as a last resort. Be careful not to let it reach your dog’s eyes.

There are different doggy sizes and you can increase the proportions if it’s not enough for your or if it’s too plenty for your fur friend.

Skunk Odor vs. Clothing

If you’ve been sprayed then it’s likely that you were wearing clothes when the unexpected event had happened.

To create a solution for your clothes, you’ll need a portion of hydrogen peroxide and a large part of water, you may then soak your clothes into the solution. Do this for at least an hour or two. In any case your clothes are dry cleaned only, you can then instead soak these clothing materials onto a part of vinegar with a large amount of water although smaller than if you use a hydrogen peroxide. You’ll have to do this for at least for two or three hours which is longer than when using hydrogen peroxide. You can then put on at least one and a half cup of baking soda into your washer and air dry it.

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