A bouquet of flowers is perfect for the month of Love, may it be after Valentine’s Day or not. Unluckily, no matter how pretty they might have unwanted pests.

To give the perfect gift, you’ll have to make sure that there aren’t any pests in those lovely bouquet of flowers. For starters, it’s best to take note that there are different flowers available and among them can also be different kinds of pests.

Take note that when now, there is a high demand of flowers because it is the perfect gift for the month of love, these flowers are also inspected but regardless, some pests might be missed after you’ve bought it.

An example would be roses, Roses are one of the most popular kind that you can get as a valentine gift, pests such as aphids, mites, slugs, caterpillars, beetles, bees and other insects tend to lurk around it. Other flowers may also attract the same insects but at times it’s either different or their might be even more kinds of pests around the flowers you’re holding.

Before checking the flowers, try to use gloves as a safety measure. If the flowers contain pests, then it might cause damage in the future and could also carry diseases as farfetched as it sounds, its highly possible.

Most imported bouquet of flowers are actually inspected mostly by Border Protection Agriculture Specialists to make sure that there are no pests lurking in the bouquet to keep the community safe, but if it’s within the locality then there might be some that already slipped passed through without being checked.

It’s a fact to say that there are plenty of pests in a bouquet of flower, some even ranging more than a thousand in the past few years. Don’t let the Month of Love filled with flowers because of Month of Pests and getting bit or even sick.

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