How to Keep Bird Feeders Clear from Pigeons

Attracting small birds can be done through bird feeders but some birds like pigeons can come and scare these birds away while also making a mess.
In order to avoid pigeons from scaring away small birds and making a mess of not only your bird feeder but possibly also your yard.

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What are Pigeons?
Keeping Pigeons away from Bird Feeders

What are Pigeons?

Pigeons are seen in places where humans are present like a neighborhood or in the cities. Commonly, pigeons have a green color from the neck to their chest as well as a tint of purple. Pigeons have a dominant color of gray on their head and bodies although they have two black bars on their wings, a white rear and their legs and feet are colored in red. The size of pigeons usually range from 11 to 14 inches while their wingspan has a larger range of 20 to 26 inches.

Keeping Pigeons away from Bird Feeders

In keeping pigeons away from bird feeders, there are certain circumstances that you’ll have to check.

  • Choosing a Bird Feeder. If you do not have a bird feeder yet or planning to change your bird feeder to further keep pigeons away from it then you’ll need to choose a bird feeder that will be fit for that. Pigeons are known to be on the bigger side and if you plan to have the bird feeder for only small birds then it’s best to choose one that is easily accessible to small birds but hard for big birds. The food or seeds you put in your bird feeder should be covered and only placed in small holes enough for their beaks to fit and get a snack on. With this, pigeons can’t do anything and would leave at some point.
  • Noise for the Pigeon. This is a temporary solution to keeping pigeons away. This method is a little tricky as it can be pretty noisy for you and your neighbors. You can get an electronic device that can mimic the sound of distressed pigeons or even sounds of a hawk. The distressed sound will serve as a warning while the sound of a hawk will be taken as a threat. They’ll be thinking twice before coming to your area.
  • Keep the surroundings clean. Keeping the surroundings of your bird feeder clean will help discourage the pigeons from moving closer onto your bird feeder. If there are no crumbs and the trash is enclosed well, it’ll help keep the pigeons from finding your bird feeder.
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