How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Wondering why you have tiny red spots on your body when you wake up? Find them to be itchy? Well, you were probably visited by some “bed bugs” when you slept. Furthermore, you may also be able to get these spots because of your clothing as bed bugs can also find a place in your clothes.

Bed Bugs aren’t really bugs that you can normally see and feel as they are known to be the great hiders. Their features aren’t unknown, it’s just that the bites that they give off is likely easier to be seen rather than the bed bugs themselves. The bed bugs have an oval body, are flat, and they can be pretty small ranging only in millimeters.

The normal time for these bed bugs to come out is at our most vulnerable time which is when we sleep, like female mosquitoes, these bed bugs like to feed on blood preferably human blood. But don’t worry! It’s always possible to get rid of these bed bugs.

“Don’t let the bed bugs bite!”, is a really popular phrase and it’s pretty much true that we shouldn’t let these bed bugs bite us but in order for us to do that, we should remove them and there are plenty of ways you can remove bed bugs and here are some ways you can.

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Removing Bed Bugs With Chemicals
Removing Bed Bugs Naturally
Preventing Bed Bugs from Coming Again

Removing Bed Bugs With Chemicals

You may think that it’s close really hard to get rid of bed bugs, but it really isn’t. There are products that you can use such as insecticides on your bedding or blankets but beware that it isn’t applicable to each and everyone. Be sure that you check the label for for your insecticide and the item you plan to put the product on to ensure that you’re doing good more than harm.

A pesticide can be a handy way to eliminating bed bugs as they are pretty much an all around product for pests and if you need one for insects then you can use an Insecticide which is a type of pesticide. It’s suitable to use on bed bugs as they would definitely die on these insecticides and not let the bed bugs just move to a different location from your bed or your clothes.

These can come in two ways, a spray on or powders. To use a spray, you may simply go to areas where the bed bugs might possibly be are and press the spray on them and let the content scatter on these bed bugs. On the other hand, if you use a powder, we can say that it might get a little bit messy as you need to use these powders by sprinkling them on the bed bug areas or even your bed as it will help rid of the bed bugs and prevent them from coming back just be sure to reuse these powders as they’ll lose their effectiveness in a few weeks.

Removing Bed Bugs Naturally

To remove bed bugs naturally, you can go about in two ways which is to use organic products OR do something about the bed bugs by cleaning up. If you want to use organic products, you can use similar items that are used to get rid of other pests such as ants. These items could be a Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE), Baking Soda, or even Citrus-based sprays.

You can buy a Diatomaceous Earth or Baking Soda and sprinkle it on areas when you think is affected by bed bugs and let them stay there for a while before removing them or create your own spray by using citrus such as lemon. To create a citrus-based spray, you may get a spray bottle, fill it with both vinegar and the juice of your citrus. It also isn’t a bad idea to add some drops of essential oil if you have some into your homemade bed bug solution.

In addition, we can remove bed bugs naturally by washing our beds, clothes, or anything that could possibly be taken by these bed bugs. It is always good to wash what we own and not let these places become the homes of bed bugs because even if we were to not use it, they could still pretty much be there when we finally do get a hold of these items because bed bugs can go on for a period of time without having to feed.

Preventing Bed Bugs from Coming Again

Finally got rid of the bed bugs from your bed? Your clothes? Or even your Child’s stuff toy? Well, that’s great! But don’t rest easy yet, these bed bugs could come back crawling into your belongings and worst, on you!

If you want to make sure that you “Don’t let the bugs bite!” then you need to prevent them from coming back again and you can do it in little steps that would also probably better your home’s environment.

To start off, you should probably clean up and by clean up we mean a whole clean up of your house.

  • Wash bed clothing, curtains, floor mats, stuff toys, or anything that could possibly have come in contact with bed bugs and if you’re not sure then just clean them up for a good measure.
  • Fix up your things. Don’t let all your items come into a clutter only to leave them on a side unused and probably unneeded. This could be possible houses for bed bugs.
  • Vacuum your carpets, beds, or any items in your household.
  • Change your sheets regularly, don’t let your sheets be the same ones you use for the whole year.

Just a reminder! In preventing bed bugs, it’s always best if you do these steps regularly as a clean home is always a better environment for your family and the worst environment for pests like bed bugs to live in.

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