Getting Rid of Frogs in the Garden Naturally

Frogs are harmless creatures but if they start to populate your garden and croak constantly. They can be pretty bothersome but you can always rid of them.
There are plenty of ways you can try and do to get rid of the frogs in your garden, but before you can do that you’d have to identify what frog you’re dealing with.

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Identifying the Frogs
Natural Methods

Identifying the Frogs

A side note before you try and remove the frogs in your garden, is that you’d have to check what kind of frogs are present in your garden. You cannot easily take action especially if you plan on killing the frogs. There are multiple animals and even frogs that are protected by the law.
It’s best to check out what species of frog are protected by the law especially related to the place you live in. If the frog you have in your backyard is considered to be as an invasive and not protected by the law, it would be legal to choose the method of killing them.

Natural Methods

One of the ways you can try out is by using Natural Methods. These methods include things that you can do on your own without having to use sprays or killing the frogs.

  • Building your own Barrier. If your garden does not have one yet then you can create a barrier around it, different materials can be used such as mesh. Frogs can come in different sizes so it’s best to make sure that the holes of your barrier are tiny and high enough to not get jumped over. The barrier should also have strong poles so as to not let it plunge into your garden.
  • Catching the Frogs and Relocating them. Another way you can get rid of frogs in your garden, albeit a little more tiring and tricky is catching the frogs itself. You can use a scooping net in any size, but a longer can be a tad more helpful. Frogs are also active during the night and there are better chances for you to catch them during that time, use a flashlight to spot them and also temporarily blind them. Catching the frogs won’t be enough, you’ll have to put them in a container to release them later on.
  • Remove Possible Food Supplies. Accessible food supplies can be a possible reason as to why frogs are visiting you so often. In order to get rid of them, you will have to get rid of their source of food. Lights can attract bugs and insects which frogs love to eat, during the evening, turn off the lights in your garden. A nice light to use would be one that could kill insects such as an electric insect killer or bug zapper. Don’t let any stray food stay on your garden may it be a fallen fruit which could attract flies or your pet’s food.
  • Draining the Water Source. Frogs cannot live without water and having bodies of water such as a pond or even a birdbath in your garden could be inviting to them. Temporarily take out any possible bodies of water for a few weeks or if you can’t do that, barricade the source of water instead.
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